welcome to blossom city radio music hour episode 9. Blossom city radio music hour is a podcast that gives you a chance to hear some of the great musicians that may not get as much main stream air play as they deserve. If you enjoy the music find your favorite band like their page and most you can even see live. 

Art work by Gary Adams

1. What we've got by Megan Flechaus.

2. Happy Valentine's Day by Randy Quinn.

3. I love me some you by Mikayla Gunn.

4. Live like an angel by Annette Conlon.

5. Bang Bang by Straw. 

6. Whisper by the Lovelace brothers.

7. Lonely Nights by Paper Moon Gypsys.

8. Vincent by Brave You.

9.Last kiss by Jeffrey Halford.

10. The Mirror by Rhonda Mccoullough.

 Special thanks to Doug Deutshe publicity services.

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