art work by Gary Adams artwork 

1. Friction by one day.

2. Shoulder to love on by Mikayla Gunn.

3. North Ave. by Brave you. 

4. Ain't got time for whiskey by Bud Summers.

5. Insignificant other by Andy, Renee, and Hard rain.

6. Your out of time by Lukcan. 

7. Outer loop by Flechaus. 

8. Green chili gumbo by Felix y Los Gatos.

9. 69 chevy by Paradise Kings.

10. Down in Paradise by papermoon gypsys. 

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just a brief update on what's going on. The last few weeks have been crazy but fun. Learn how to get great Watkins products and more.


Cover Photo by Danyele Mercer.

1. Patience by Paradise Kings.

2. Crossroads by Of Wolves and Whisky.

3. Rodeo by Annette Conlon 

4. Under my Skin by Ellee Ven 

5. Down Down Down by Diana Rein.

6. Great Divide by Jeffrey Halford.

7. Ashes and Dust by Mitch Hayes.

8. Warning Label by Elizabeth Moll.

9. Something to forget me by by Charolette street.

10. Pick me up by Rhonda McCullough.

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Tonight we have a great show featuring new music. I'm really excited to bring you new artist . Ifyouenjoy the music make sure to like the artist page and share the show. 

Art work by Gary Adams artwork.

1. Bad Captain by Jay Katana.

2. Rising Sun by Micheal Hornbuckel.

3. Let me go by Evermore Broken.

4 Buzzlight year by Dear Genre.

5. Rock Jam by Bud Koerber.

6. Love Me by Caroline Blue.

7. Naysayers by Ecclesiast.

the last 3 songs are rated r

8. Wicked World by Syco.

9. Better Left Unsaid by Ryan Serene.

10. Super Power by Alex McGrath.

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Join me as Alex Cardinale talks about his new podcast network. We had a fun conversation. It was a good interview with a good friend.


Welcome to blossom city radio music hour 10. Thank you for tuning in. Please take a listen and find some amazing artist that may be new to you. As always if you like the music go to the artists socialmedia sights, give them a like and let them know you found thier music on blossom city radio. Be sure to go to iTunes or your favorite podcast distributor and leave a review if you like the show. By leaving a review it helps me learn what my listeners like about the show and also helps others find the show so they can enjoy the artists as well. 

 Cover photo by Gary Adams art work.

1. Peace by Diana Rein.

2. Stay another day by Andy and Renee and Hard  Rain.

3. Two Margaritas by Jill Hyde.

4. Are we forever by Lukcan. 

5. Till the cops come by Charlotte Street.

6. That's why by Bud Summers.

7. Louisiana Girl by Brauninger. 

8. Life goes on by Mitch Hayes.

9. Run so far by Brad Noe.

10.getting good lovin by Darrin Yarbrough.

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Join me as I sit down with Ronnie Grasle and find out Blue House Bargains and what they have to offer. Make sure to stop by and see if your newest family treasure is inside.


welcome to blossom city radio music hour episode 9. Blossom city radio music hour is a podcast that gives you a chance to hear some of the great musicians that may not get as much main stream air play as they deserve. If you enjoy the music find your favorite band like their page and most you can even see live. 

Art work by Gary Adams

1. What we've got by Megan Flechaus.

2. Happy Valentine's Day by Randy Quinn.

3. I love me some you by Mikayla Gunn.

4. Live like an angel by Annette Conlon.

5. Bang Bang by Straw. 

6. Whisper by the Lovelace brothers.

7. Lonely Nights by Paper Moon Gypsys.

8. Vincent by Brave You.

9.Last kiss by Jeffrey Halford.

10. The Mirror by Rhonda Mccoullough.

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Join me as I get to know Heather Wolter and DAnielle Muertz of Schnickelfritz Bakery. A beautiful store ladies as sweet as the pasties they sell and Elvis donuts. A show that you don't want to miss.


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